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Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for  Medium Business is located in Lower Silesia (14 Subzones) and Wielkopolska (1 Subzone). This area is characterized  by developed economy in many sectors as well as of  dynamic growth of small and medium-sized  enterprises and a high level of service.

Lower Silesia (the capital – Wroclaw) lies at  the intersection of the following routes: east-west and  north-south. Its western and southern borders  are at the same time borders with Federal  Republic of Germany and the Czech Republic.  Wroclaw is the center of economic, cultural  and academic region.

Wielkopolska (the capital – Poznan) is located  at the crossroads of important European  communication routes. It intersects transport  routes leading from Berlin via Poznan, Konin and Warsow to Moscow and Prague via Wroclaw, Leszno, Poznan towards the Baltic  coast. Poznan airport „Ławica” functions as a  domestic and international airport. Diversified  industry, agriculture, well-developed services  and still developing infrastructure create good  conditions for further development of  Wielkopolska.

Areas of the Zone

Kamienna Góra

swiatek kamienna

Kamienna Góra – town in dolnośląskie voivodship, seat of kamiennogórski district and village commune of Kamienna Góra. The city is crossed by the important roads: national 5 (Świecie – Lubawka) and national 367 (Jelenia Góra – Wałbrzych). The town is within the small proximity to Wrocław (about 100 km) and the capital Czech Republic – Prague (about 130 km). The town is attractive to tourists. Here it is being constantly developed the tourism dedicated to sightseeing the objects, buildings, towns as well as military tourism (underground tourist route ARADO), hiking and religious form of tourism. As an industrial area, Kamienna Góra is associated with the following industries: textile, food and machinery. In the town there is also a headquarter of Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone, by the street Papieża Jana Pawła II 11A.



burmistrz-nowogrodziec nowogrodziec

Nowogrodziec – town in dolnośląskie voivodship, in the bolesławiecki district, seat of the authorities of the village&town commune Nowogrodziec. The town is a local centre for industry, trade and services. Next to nearby village Wykroty there was made a subzone of SSEMP Inc. Nowogrodziec/ Wykroty. Within the distance of 300 m from the border of the SEZ, at the newly built motorway A-4 (Jędrzychowice – Wrocław –east border of the country) there is a junction exit&entry Godzieszów.


aslowiński luban

Lubań – town in dolnośląskie voivodship in the lubański district. The town is located about 45 km, north-west from Jelenia Góra and 25 km east from Zgorzelec. Due to the location Lubań is an important trade&tourism hub. Through the town there go important communication routes: national road No 30 towards Zgorzelec (border of Germany) and Jelenia Góra, voivodship road No 357 towards Sulików and Zawidów (border of the Czech Republic) and voivodship road No 393 towards Leśna (border crossing in Miłoszów to the Czech Republic).


zdjęcie-profilowe-burmistrza-2015 piechowice

Piechowice – town in dolnośląskie voivodship, in the jeleniogórski district. The place is situated by the Kamienna river, small river of the Odra basin, tributary of Bóbr and by the small tributary – Mała Kamienna. Piechowice is located at the route of national road No 3 which leads from Jakuszyce to Świnoujście and is Polish part of international route E65 from Malmö to Chania.


patryk-straus krzeszow

Krzeszów – village in dolnośląskie voivodship, kamiennogórski district, the commune of Kamienna Góra. The attractiveness of commune Kamienna Góra is even higher by the comfortable location by the national road No 371 and there is being planned building the expressway S-3. Local industry is based on mining and processing of raw materials such as dolomite, ceramic clay or amphibolites. There are companies of big economic potential representing automotive and chemical sectors. As a total amount of companies operating within the commune Kamienna Góra there are more than 500 of such.

Janowice Wielkie

Kamil-Kowalski janowice

Janowice Wielkie – village located in dolnośląskie voivodship, in the jeleniogórski district, in the commune Janowice Wielkie. Picturesque valleys full of rivers as well as areas covered by forests are the dreamed targets of the hikers who can also choose to climb neighboring rocks with unique shapes. Janowice Wielkie and Trzcińsko – due to their location at the route of Wrocław-Jelenia Góra are the most popular starting points of the trips to Rudawy Janowickie.


Burmistrz-Emilian-Bera jawor

Jawor – town in dolnośląskie voivodship, in the jaworski district by the national road No 3 and near the motorway A-4. One of the most characteristic of the sights of Jawor is ‘the Church of Peace’ which was built within the years 1654 – 1655 and it was classified as UNESCO sight in 2001. Moreover, the city is dominated by the following industries: chemical, metal and food.

Jelenia Góra

Prezydent-Miasta-Jeleniej-Góry_Marcin-Zawiła jelenia

Jelenia Góra – city which is a seat of jeleniogórski district in the south-west part of Poland in the dolnośląskie voivodship, within the Kotlina Jeleniogórska by the river Bóbr. The city is also a headquarter of the Managing Board of Karkonoski National Park and Polish capital of Euro-region Nysa. Jelenia Góra is located at the crossing of important roads: among them the most important is national road No 3 Świnoujście-Jakuszyce which connects Jelenia Góra with Baltic Sea.


Igor-Bandrowicz prusice

Prusice – town in dolnośląskie voivodship, in the trzebnicki district, seat of village&town commune of Prusice. Local center of retail and service of agricultural region. Nowadays the main functions of the commune are: agriculture and forestry, manufacturing and services are of smaller importance; nevertheless, growing within the recent years.


Robert-Lewandowski zmigrod

Żmigród – town in dolnośląskie voivodship, in the trzebnicki district, seat of village&town commune of Żmigród. The north and the east sides of the commune are covered by forests which take 29% of the total surface; next to forests there are fish ponds as main source of ‘wealth’ of the area. The base of the economy of the commune is primarily agriculture in a broad context, husbandry and forestry.

Ostrów Wielkopolski

Zdj¦Öcie_PM ostrow-wielkopolski

Ostrów Wielkopolski – city in wielkopolskie voivodship, by the Wysoczyzna Kaliska, by Ołobok, seat of ostrowski district and village commune Ostrów Wielkopolski. The city is located in the south part of Wielkopolska – one of the biggest and the most economically developed region of Poland. The city is frequently visited by both of the people who want to make business as well as those who look for cultural impressions, emotions connected with sport and simple relax. Ostrów Wielkopolski is an important economic center. In the city there are more than 8 000 companies, 25 banks have here their branches.


ewa-kocemba lubawka

Lubawka – town in dolnośląskie voivodship, in the kamiennogórski district, seat of the authorities of the village&town commune Lubawka, in Brama Lubawska, by the foot of Krucze Mountains (Kamienne) in Sudety Środkowe. Shaped multifunctional character of the town and commune creates the possibility of harmonious development of industry and small craft, agriculture and forestry, housing and services, tourism and recreation. Here found their place of business companies and mills of a production, trade and services character.


Jarosław-Wroński bolkow

Bolków – town in dolnośląskie voivodship, in the jaworski district, seat of the authorities of village&town commune of Bolków. Comfortable location of the Bolków commune by the national roads No 3 and No 5, distance from Wrocław of about 70 km and about 30 km from Jelenia Góra – all these facts make the road network well-developed. The area of the commune is of an agricultural character.

Gryfów Śląski

Olgierd-Poniźnik gryfow

Gryfów Śląski – town in dolnośląskie voivodship, in the lwówecki district, seat of village&town commune of Gryfów Śląski. The town is a commune of an agricultural character. In the town, when taking into account economic sphere – it is dominated by industry and industry-related economic activities as well as services- trade and gastronomy, handicrafts and small-scale production.


Burmistrz-Miasta-Zgorzelec-Rafał-Gronicz zgorzelec

Zgorzelec – city by the border of Germany in dolnośląskie voivodship, Polish part of Łużyce Górne, right bank of Nysa Łużycka in the Obniżenie Żytawsko-Zgorzeleckie. Zgorzelec is a seat of village commune of Zgorzelec and zgorzelecki district; it is an important transport hub because of 3 border crossings joining the city with neighboring Görlitz. The city is crossed by the international route E-40 (A-4), which through Bautzen enables the communication with German motorways.


burmistrz mirsk

Mirsk – town in dolnośląskie voivodship at the borderland with Łużyce Górne in the lwówecki district (between 1975-1998 jeleniogórski and wrocławski before) seat of commune Mirsk by the river Kwisa. Through the town there goes voivodship road No 361 which crosses the town along Kwisa river. Needless to add, from Mirsk there go local roads towards Brzeziniec, Giebułtów and Rębiszów and 6 km from Mirsk there goes a national road No 30.