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Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for  Medium Business responding to foreign capital  investors’ expectations as well as expectations  of local entrepreneurs – big, medium and  small, has decided to engage into activities  connected with vocational education and  create an educational cluster within the SEZ.  The idea was to cooperate with interested  entities and to build a cooperation platform  between employers and schools, basing on a  detailed analysis of the needs and fulfilling the  tasks in agreement with the particular needs of  engaged entities.  The SEZ Educational Cluster was established  on 16 th  December 2014.  The project is directed towards providing  educated and well-prepared workers, creating  mechanisms supporting cohesion of vocational  training and the demands of labor market.



SEZ EDUCATIONAL CLUSTER – substantial scope of activities



  • Forecasting the demands for particular qualifications and professional abilities
  • Selection of partners for projects,
  • Increasing the availability of students for  apprenticeships that are being made in real-life  conditions of a compan,
  • Increasing the level of competitiveness,
  • Promoting and popularizing dual projects,
  • Subsiding particular courses of education.



On 5 th  September 2014 in Zespół Szkół  Zawodowych i Ogólnokształcących there was  opened a first classroom under the auspices of  SSEMP Inc. in Kamienna Góra, equipped with  modern hardware and an interactive  educational aids. There were created 17  educational places for the profession of  technician of logistics.

On 21 st  September 2015  in Zespół Szkół Technicznych “Mechanik” in  Jelenia Góra there was opened a classroom for  the profession of a technician of devices and  systems of renewable energy. The educational  aids have the value of approx. 180 000 PLN.  The students received, among other things:  educational places equipped with wind turbine  and photovoltaic panel, installation of hot  water from the solar collector and heat pump,  fuel cell, model of the solar thermal system,  computers, an interactive board.

On 12 th  October 2015 in Zespół Szkół  Ponadgimnazjalnych No 2 in Lubań there was  opened a classroom for the professions of  technician-mechanic and cutting machine  operator with the value of 80 000 PLN. In the  cost there were included the renovation and  equipment of the classroom.





On 30 th  March 2015 during the conference in  Jelenia Góra there was signed The Foundation  Act of Vocational University for Students of  Junior High School. The Act was signed by:  The CEO of SEZ, Superintendent of Education  of Lower Silesia (honorary auspices of the  project), representatives of the schools, local  governments, students and entrepreneurs  taking part in a pilot program “My profession is  my future – touching the occupation”.

The program “My profession is my future –  touching the occupation” was about:

  • 4 districts  (kamiennogórski, jeleniogórski,lubański and trzebnicki)
  • 10 junior high schools
  • 20 professions
  • 23 employers
  • 168 junior high school students

The Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone  Educational Cluster is under the honorary  auspices of the Minister of Economic  Development.